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Are You Rockin’ in Coachella?

Get ready for the high end hipster look with this upcoming weekend of music and fashion. If you’re not sure what Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival is let me fill you in, it’s a huge festival where a bunch of up and coming artists preform next to some already popular ones for a weekend of fun.

So what does that mean for all of us music lovers at home? Summer is right around the corner, and what better way to broadcast all the new styles and color combos then a giant festival of fun.

The style you will see this weekend is more of a hippy style than the regular hipster style. Looser, baggier clothes, and funky glasses are it. Fun sunglasses are going to be a key stand out point in this style because any regular shades just will not do. Jewelry is also the perfect way to accessorize and make this outfit true to its nature, loose dangly chains and feathers for the win.

See ya there!


By Jordan Lux – daughter of Danni who works in the Fashion Industry and keeps her finger on the pulse of current retail trends.  Look for more trend tips from The ElfsCloset as she has come to be known in the eBay community.

Were You Part of the Ultimate Listing Challenge?

The Ultimate Listing Challenge was run the entire month of March.  Things others are saying about it:

This challenge has been just what I needed. I set me up a easy spreadsheet for the daily amount I need to list with a cum daily total. Then I set up a area for what I listed each day with a cum total and the delta what I needed to catch up if I missed some days. This has really worked for me as I am a visual person. Today being the last day, I know what I need to list to make my goal, and I plan to do that!
Kathy Yarnall
This week I really started to see the challenge paying off. Yesterday I had 5 best offers. I’ve never had that many in one day. Sold one item that I bought for $5 for over $300. I’ll be sharing it tomorrow over on The Danni App Facebook page on the Scores of the Week!
Tammi Horton Grant
If it weren’t for this challenge, my inventory would still be sitting in boxes and bags like it was for January and February. I would still be dreaming of listing, living vicariously through others accomplishments and successes, instead of listing and starting to get noticed and building a better seller reputation. I wouldn’t have discovered what it takes to sell (even though I have more to learn), I would have sold nothing. I wouldn’t have discovered that all the steps to selling (buying items, cleaning up, photographing them, and listing were easier to do than the difficult things my imagination dreamed up. I wouldn’t have learned that once I push myself to do what needs to be done, I actually enjoy it.
Melanie Campbell


Are You Running Your Own Business?

There was a time when business owners had to rely solely on their own decision making with a little input from family, friends and market research they did on their own. Usually this would be in the form of asking for feedback from their customers either in person or through direct mail as we didn’t have the power of the internet and email back then.

Now we live in an age where the computer has taken over in ruling how we communicate, get information and make business decisions. This can be good and bad.

Let’s look first at the good! (Always my preferred way to go). Technology has come a long way and is amazing. We can connect with anyone who has internet access not only from our home office but also through our phones and mobile devices, crazy cool! We have access to millions of people all over the world through social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. There are literally thousands and thousands of articles, websites and places to get information you are looking for, some of it free, some requires a fee. The internet has made it possible for literally anyone to become a business owner, and thousands have!

Now let’s look at the challenges. There are literally thousands and thousands of articles, websites and places to get information on the internet. Yes I did just pretty much repeat myself here. Some people are able to find, process and put into action the information they need. Others are looking for some guidance and maybe even someone who will walk them through things step by step. The internet can be an overwhelming place for the later. Another challenge is that there is a lot of mis-information and also information that comes in the form of helping but maybe is put out there to mis-lead and get you to buy into either an expensive program or to undermine a competitor.

Facebook has become a place where people can ask questions and get answers, lots of them! Sometimes those answers will even contradict one another. How do you know what is right and what is wrong? I would like to rephrase that question… How do you know what is right and what is wrong for your business?

There is the key! There is often not just one right answer or one wrong answer for every seller. Every business has it’s own unique criteria. This is why no matter what the information you hear out there, that you think applies or doesn’t apply, should be tested. Don’t just take someone’s word for things, even mine! Test them in your business and see if you get the same results that someone else. What works for one business may not work well for another.

One of the things I love to do is empower people to be confident as business owners. It is YOUR business, not mine, not eBay’s, not Amazon’s… but yours! You get to make the choices that work best for you. eBay and the other selling venues are just that… venues or vehicles with which we choose to put our products up for sale. They have rules that must be followed, best practices that must be adhered to, if we wish to maximize our efforts using those sites, but they don’t run our businesses.

So no matter what you hear, even from eBay itself, be sure it’s the right choice for your business. Test how it works for your business model and if it increases traffic and sales great! If not, consider it may just not be a good choice for you.


Are You Getting Paid?

Is your business turning into a low paid job? Let’s change that! You should be the CEO of your business!


Don’t Get Sidetracked by Distractions

This is your Mootivational Monday from Danni Ackerman of The Danni App.  Don’t let distractions throw you off course in your business… this week’s video tells you how!


Are You Winning? or Whining?‏

2nd Quarter begins tomorrow, are you worried or welcoming it?!  Find out what Danni has to say about it in this week’s Mootivational Monday video.


Adjusting to Change

Well, here it is one week since I challenged myself to get everything put away and organized. While I have not succeeded 100%, I have made huge strides toward the completed project. Remember that huge pile of tubs, boxes and bags I posted last week? I have posted pictures taken today of the same areas and you can see there has been a huge change.

Speaking of change, how do you all do with the ever present changes that we must adjust to as they come to us? I can tell you, I am not concerned at all about the new Spring changes because I know I am already doing my best to provide excellent customer service and am confident I will have no trouble at all maintaining my TRS status and great feedback numbers…I was already opted into the no-hassle returns, and will opt into the new Christmas returns schedule as well. I refuse to look at it as a negative or that it will allow people to abuse the system even more or that I will get my items back in poor condition…I do not believe it will make any difference in the actual numbers as they are with 14, 30 or 60 day returns. All businesses have a certain percentage of returns regardless of the policies. We should all know the percentage of our business that is returns currently, and just go with the flow and allow for that percentage in our business plans for the year. The same is true of that “scary” word, DEFECT; if we are doing all the right things in our business, we do not need to worry about a change of wording that includes that dreaded DEFECT word. Worry is unhealthy and not productive. Doing all the right things will eliminate any need to worry.

Personal life changes are much more difficult for me than business changes could ever be. How many 70 year old women have started a business, quit their job of 50 years, had an adult child move in for 3 years and then move far away again, moved to another state and started over, and have had to completely change their way of living? I have accepted and even welcomed the challenges these changes in my life have brought and I am happier than ever with my life. It just gets better every day. I look at life changes and business changes as just like nature’s changes: There are four seasons for a reason. We have to adjust ourselves to the weather changes, time changes, etc. Aging is another change over which we have no control, except the way we view those changes. If we think we are too old to run a business, move to another living situation; learn a new trade or art, etc. we are probably right. Those of us who have that thought mentality will give up on living and just sit it their rocking chairs and waste away until they leave this earth. I am much too busy for rocking my life away. I don’t care what that number says I am in age, I am young at heart and love learning something new every day. Having a healthy attitude toward life’s changes keeps us healthier in general; if we are not worrying about every ache and pain, they just stop bothering us and we forget about them and keep on keeping on. This, in turn, keeps us young in spirit as well, which is very healthy too.

So here is my challenge to all of us: take some time to think about what you are worrying about; write it down. Now make a list of steps you can personally take to make the change from a negative, worrisome situation to a positive happy situation. Make sure it includes some attitude and physical action adjustments. I would love to hear some results over on the Facebook group. Are you up for the challenge? I am.


ImageBy Bobbie Bushey – Danni’s mom who has this to say about her eBay success; My goal is to inspire other seniors who wonder how they will survive their golden years, to find something about which they are passionate and let eBay help them start to find that joy in their lives again.  She sells on Etsy and eBay as GrannysSquare

Listing Out of My Comfort Zone

This week I had an item to list that I have never done before. I listed a men’s Gucci belt. I have never listed a belt before so getting all the right pictures and measurements was a learning experience, but this belt was worth it!

I noticed that adding the width of the belt as well as the length of it was an important selling factor.Another great thing that I have been learning to list is lingerie. This was another challenge for me since I have never sold lingerie before, therefore researching the different ways people list lingerie and the diverse names that are used for describing certain items was interesting to say the least. Most lingerie does not conform to the normal sizing charts like bras do, which is what I was expecting so adding the bust size for a padded item is important, but for things that are all lace and elastic just an overall length is needed.

Annnnnnndddd March 19,2014 marks the first day of spring! Get ready for the crop tops and short shorts. Bathing suits are going to be filling stores, and flying off shelves so get ready for this fun season. Bathing suits for tanning are going to be hot right now because everyone wants to shed their winter white, that means the tinier the better.



By Jordan Lux – daughter of Danni who works in the Fashion Industry and keeps her finger on the pulse of current retail trends.  Look for more trend tips from The ElfsCloset as she has come to be known in the eBay community.

Is It a Hobby or a Business

The IRS takes this question pretty seriously. The definition for them is “any activity qualifies as a business if it is carried on with the reasonable expectation of earning a profit.” Now I know we all want to earn profits in our business, but I find far too often eBay sellers are just going through the day to day tasks of buying, listing and selling stuff bought from thrift stores and yard sales, and never really having a handle on the bookkeeping portions. After all, who like dealing with all the numbers and taxes? Ok I know some do! Not me!

It is really important to run our eBay businesses like a business. Are you doing inventory? Do you know the assets of your business? Are you taking all the deductions you are allowed? Don’t feel bad if you aren’t, you are not alone! Any easy way I have found to keep track of my inventory is to create a spreadsheet, or have a service like Solutions 4 eCommerce do it for you, then as you acquire new items to sell add them to your spreadsheet. Create columns for date purchased, price paid, date listed, date sold and amount.

Having this information on a spreadsheet will make it easy to see what you need to get listed, what has been listed too long, and what your overall cost of goods and cost of goods sold is. It will also help you know when you can accept a best offer based on the amount you paid for an item… remember, You can’t go broke making a profit!

Back to that pesky IRS stuff. The good news is you get to write off a lot of stuff if this is a business (which I hope it is if you are reading this). Profit is determined by your total revenue. That includes any monies that came into the business both for the product sold as well as shipping costs paid by the buyers. From that number you then get to write off all your expenses including things like:\

  • Actual shipping costs
  • Packaging supplies ie boxes, tape, envelopes
  • Paper and ink for your printer
  • Your mileage during sourcing trips (you are keeping track right?)
  • Even a portion of your home used for your business (check with your tax attorney if this is a good idea for you)
  • Anything related to your business

Use a service such as GoDaddy Online Bookkeeping to keep track of all your numbers and at the end of the year print out your schedule C with everything already put in the right places. Taxes are icky but they don’t have to be painful. Treat your business like a business and you’ll be fine. If I can do it anyone can do it!


No Excuses Just Do It!

Since moving to Las Vegas, I have been trying to get unpacked, organizing my inventory, keeping up with listing, shipping, and still spending time trying to help Danni with all she has to do with her business and plan and cook meals for the whole family. It would be very easy to just say, “I can’t keep up with all of this; I don’t have time for all of this”, or “I’m ready to give up; it’s too hard for me…” I think we have all had these kind of thoughts from time to time, but what makes the difference between us is the actions we take and the accountability we accept for those actions (or inactions, as the case may be).

Danni has been providing the tools for all of us to succeed through her classes and special webinars and weekly newsletters and show, as well as her mootivational video every Monday and her coaching sessions. Nobody has more to do than Danni, with all her traveling to spread the information to eBay groups all over the country, her shopping Day with Danni trips, and the upcoming conference in May, More Fun Bigger Profits. Do any of us realize how much work and preparation she has to put in to accomplish all of her activities?

Being here in Vegas upstairs from her office, I get to see firsthand how much time and effort she is putting in for us all. And she is keeping her own eBay, Etsy and Amazon businesses running smoothly and profitably and spending quality time with her family. I can tell you it takes a tremendous juggling of her time to fit everything in.

So I can truly say it is nobody’s fault but mine if I do not succeed in my business and arrange my own time to fit everything in. If Danni can do all that she does, I have no excuses. I am accountable for my own actions. I made a goal of $500 for myself for this week of selling. I’ve already reached over ? of that amount in sales. At the time I made that goal, I didn’t really believe I could reach it, but I am now convinced that I will. I have made myself really buckle down and list new niche items and weed out the junk from my store, as well as revising existing listings every single day, whether I feel like it or not; and let me tell you, I have had many days this past hard week of moving into my new home I was so exhausted I didn’t feel like it, but my perseverance has paid off.

I held myself accountable and followed through, and the results have been great. I have sold lots of very old inventory and lots of bigger priced items than the past. I panicked last night because my dog figurines were still all packed in a tub, wrapped in my linens and clothing for protection. I had to carefully dig through them to find a dog that sold; it was on the bottom since it was a large heavy one. So today I made it a priority to hang my large shelf unit and put all my listed dogs on it. I did it and I can see my dogs from my desk. It is such a good feeling to do something so worthwhile for my business.

I have decreased my time on the social networks, like Facebook, and used my time on listing and getting things done that will benefit my business. I did go thrift store shopping with Danni once, but even that was for a specific purpose – finding costume items for Danni’s kids for their school project the following day. We did not spend much time in the store nor spend too much or buy too many items, other than those for which we went there.

I hope everyone who has mountains of unlisted inventory or who feel overwhelmed because they don’t have time for everything will take a moment to read this and say to themselves “I can do this; I don’t have more to do than Bobbie or Danni, so if they can do it so can I.”

Use the tools Danni has given us, stay out of the thrift stores until your unlisted pile is small, and don’t give up when you are tired or overwhelmed. Take a small break, do something else; and then tackle it all head on.

Keep your thoughts on your goals; nothing is standing in your way but you. Be accountable and own the responsibility.

Next week I will do a follow-up of my challenge to myself; all my personal and business items will be put away in their place. I will post my “after” pictures as well. Who else is challenging themself? You CAN do it.


ImageBy Bobbie Bushey – Danni’s mom who has this to say about her eBay success; My goal is to inspire other seniors who wonder how they will survive their golden years, to find something about which they are passionate and let eBay help them start to find that joy in their lives again.  She sells on Etsy and eBay as GrannysSquare

White Spring is Here and I Don’t Mean Snow

Well spring is here again and white is the color that it is bringing with it. I picked up a copy of a fashion magazine and 90% of the ads had something white in them from white tops, bottoms, dresses, and more!

I scored a hot pair of white Micheal Kors pants at my recently discovered Goodwill Thrift Store, otherwise known as the college closet because I live right next to Cal State University Fullerton. There was every brand and bargain I could ever dream in there, and don’t worry I will keep you updated on all of my finds.

My Micheal Kors pants are definitely my best find from there so far though. Now only if they were in my size….

Any way back to white. Guess, Bebe, Agnona, Chloe, Calvin Klein, Vionnet, Max Mara, and of course Micheal Kors all have cute white trends in their ads. Here are a few.

Michael Kors:





I personally love white and spring is the best place to show case it, but remember with white comes undershirts and Bandos so don’t forget about all those under pieces that go with sheer clothing.



By Jordan Lux – daughter of Danni who works in the Fashion Industry and keeps her finger on the pulse of current retail trends.  Look for more trend tips from The ElfsCloset as she has come to be known in the eBay community.

Find Your Niche…

To most of us, this phrase can bring out the worst feelings and fears (I know, I’ve been there). We want to hang on to all of those things that we invested our time and money into … whether those items are listed or still sitting in the unlisted pile that seems to be growing overnight while we sleep.

We convince ourselves that we can make big money on that stuff, but in reality, we may only make $2 profit on each item. And that $2 profit in reality is probably eaten up by the cost of the box, packaging materials, eBay listing fees and your time (or did you work on that for free?).

Now tell the truth … when you look at your unlisted inventory pile, don’t you start to feel frustrated with all the work that is left to do? Even though you have been listing like crazy for weeks, months, or even years?

I was really good at hanging on to all the old inventory too. I convinced myself that I should work harder and list faster, and get my categories all nice, neat, and orderly and then the buyers would come flocking into my online store and buy everything. Well.. That didn’t happen. I got sales, but I was still feeling quite overwhelmed with the stuff that I didn’t want to be selling anymore and with the items that just didn’t move.

Then this thought kept coming into my head …

Walmart carries almost everything under the sun and in order to turn all of that inventory around they must compete to have the lowest prices. So basically they make very little profit when you shop there, unless you have a heaping cart full of stuff to buy.

Then there are the specialty stores. Take for instance a Famous Footwear shoe store. Both stores sell shoes and most shoes wear out about the same when worn every day. The difference is that Famous Footwear gets Big Bucks for their products. Why? Because they are an expert in that type of item. Famous Footwear sells shoes, but doesn’t ONLY sell shoes … they sell socks, shoe laces, shoe cleaners, and athletic shirts and shorts too. But they are still getting big profits on their inventory items.

So the question is this …

Do you want to be a Walmart store and hope that buyers come in and fill their carts up with your inventory so that you can make SOME profit? (This doesn’t happen so much for online businesses.)

Or … Do you want to be a specialty store and get a good profit on that one item that your buyer decides to purchase from you?

So how do you Find Your Niche??

First start by finding the items that attract you most. When you go into a store to find inventory, what type of items pull you in first? Do you head for the clothing section first? Do you look for lamps, vases, figurines? Or do you have special theme items that draw you in? What are you most passionate about?

My inner Sassy Duck has gotten me to gravitate to all things bird related … and some of the other cute critters too, like bunnies, squirrels, butterflies, frogs, and fish. So I am finding that those things are my Passion!

So how do you get rid of the rest?

First take a good look at your listed inventory. Find the items that you dread listing and get rid of them. The best way to do that is to just delete the listings and donate them FAST! Sounds drastic, but you will be amazed at how good you feel when you no longer have to deal with inventory that doesn’t attract you anymore.

Next create a Clearance Category in your store and put all of the other non-niche items into that category. This makes it easier to use Mark Down Manager (Selling Manager Pro) to put them all on Sale and hopefully move them out a little faster without too much work. This also helps to possibly sell a few things while working on building your donation pile. After all, getting down to only your niche items might take awhile … especially if you have 1000s of items like me.

In the listings you create to go into the Clearance category, include in the description area something like … We are cleaning out some inventory, stop in and see our Clearance items! This will generate interest and make shoppers look at your Clearance category and your other store items as well.

Then start by taking your listed inventory one shelf, one tote, or one box at a time and remove the items that are not in your niche. Either donate or group similar items to run at auction.

When putting non-niche items up for auction, make large groups of like items, and start them at a price that people Can’t Resist bidding on. You may lose money doing this, but it will get some of your money back and hopefully get those items out the door. Try to only re-list clearance auctions about 2 times. If they don’t sell after that …even with your Can’t Pass Up price … then delete the listing and donate the items.

Once you find out what your niche is, shopping for your niche will become so much easier and even more fun because now you will have a focus and won’t come home with a car load of inventory that overwhelms you and your family.




By Tamera Berning – Owner of Bernings Bargains – selling Home Décor, Toys, Ducks and more on Ebay, Etsy, and Ecrater! Sassy Duck is the adorable host of Bernings Bargains and you can find them both at BerningsBargains.com.


It’s Business, Not Personal

Those that have known me a long time, know how I used to take everything that eBay or my customers did personally. I would get very upset when changes were announced, felt like I had to fight for us “little guys”. I would come onto eBay Radio and debate with Griff how things simply were not fair.

I attended the eBay Radio Party one year to hear this speaker named John “ColderIce” Lawson. His style was very direct and to the point, he doesn’t mince words.
Although it was many years ago I can still remember the very point in the speech where it seemed as if no one else was there and he was talking directly to me, “It’s business not personal!” and “stop taking everything personally, it ain’t about you!”. The lightbulb moment that changed my business.

I don’t remember much else of that talk, sorry John, but those words have been life changing for me. It’s an amazing freedom when you get to the point where you can step outside of the situation and look at it as any employee of a company would do and just deal with the problem instead of taking it as a personal hit.

Now I’m not saying it’s an easy switch. It’s one you have to be ready for and willing to let happen. Believe me when I say, the stress it relieves is amazing! When you are in a personal defensive stance, you are on guard, tense, and often worked up. This requires a lot of energy and adrenaline. When you see a problem, look at possible solutions or how you can adapt the way you do things, it is just a process. No stress is needed in that process only a little brain power and talking it through.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying you are never allowed to get upset over things. Absolutely! I still get mad, irritated, perturbed when I get a buyer who wants to return something, or eBay makes what I consider a silly change… the difference is that I feel that from the perspective of just looking at “it” as the problem and not feeling like “I” have to defend myself as if I did something to deserve (or not deserve) this. See the difference?

Even with the irritating customer, handling it in such a way as to resolve the issue and protect your business reputation is a far better solution than to get in a battle with that customer and ultimately cause yourself a negative feedback and/or a lot of stress. Also, the less time you take to deal with an issue, the less money you are investing in solving the problem because time is money!

As you read some of the comments and postings out in social media pertaining to the recent Spring Release just announced by eBay ask yourself, “is this person taking it personally or looking at it like a business?” I would really encourage you to practice the later and not falling into the negativity trap. There will always be a way to find the bad in a situation and many people to lament with you, but there is also always a way to find the good!


I Got Lucky this Morning How ‘Bout You?‏

Today’s Mootivational Monday comes a little late… but it’s all good! Find out why in this week’s video.


Made it to Vegas in Total Disorganization

Well, I arrived in Vegas Saturday night, March 1st, at about 11pm, in a 26 foot U-Haul truck pulling a transport trailer with my car. Thank goodness I had help from my granddaughter and her boyfriend, who drove the truck for me. I would never have made that haul by myself; I am tough, but I have limits.

Danni hired two very efficient men to help me unload all of my belongings from the truck; they were completely done unloading in two hours, and the vast majority of tubs/boxes/bags/etc. went upstairs, including my digital piano, cedar chest and my bed. Most of the boxes and tubs got put in the right place. I did not do any stair climbing, I just directed them upstairs or down, kitchen or master bedroom or smaller bedroom…they did very well with it overall.

As you will see from the pictures, I had quite a lot of “stuff” and it was just piled up. I had actually taken quite a few bags/boxes off the original piles when these pictures were taken. I kept saying to Danni how I hope I don’t get any sales till I get the inventory put away and organized again; but of course I got two sales last night. The light bulb had burned out in the room with all the inventory tubs, so I took a flashlight and went in search of the items. If I had not labeled all my inventory tubs with all the major items in them prior to the move, I would never have been able to find my items. The men who unloaded the truck stacked the tubs four and five tubs high and some of the labels were not visible so had to be turned around; but the flashlight shone on the labels and I was able to find one of the items in just minutes. With the help of one of Danni’s assistants this morning I was quickly able to find the other item and they are now packaged and ready to ship today.

So take notice of the pictures you see with this article; these are the BEFORE pictures. I will do a follow-up article after I get completely organized and cleaned up here with the AFTER pictures. Stay tuned for that; it will take me some time, but I have already unpacked at least two dozen boxes and bags full of stuff. My kitchen cupboards and drawers are almost full; my bathroom is almost put together with all my cupboards and drawers in there filled as well. My clothing and personal belonging are in the master closet, and I even have all my DVD’s and CD’s put away in the little shelf I brought with me. I have my piano, accordion, Xylophone and even Danni’s old trumpet (she learned to play it in school band) set up in my master bedroom; Danni’s kids were delighted by all the musical instruments Gramma has and wanted to play them all. I let them play the xylophone and I played the piano for them and little Noah said, “Gramma, that is awesome!” Rachel said “I didn’t know you could play that, Gramma”. They are so adorable.

So here is my challenge for myself and for all of you: I will have this all in order within two weeks and send the AFTER pictures to prove it; who wants to take part in this challenge and get your business completely organized within two weeks? Remember, if I can do it you all can do it too. Ready, set, go!


ImageBy Bobbie Bushey – Danni’s mom who has this to say about her eBay success; My goal is to inspire other seniors who wonder how they will survive their golden years, to find something about which they are passionate and let eBay help them start to find that joy in their lives again.  She sells on Etsy and eBay as GrannysSquare

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